Urban Kurier was designed as a resource and solution for delivery drivers that want to use alternate means of transportation to minimize expense and maximize self-employment profit.

My Role

Sole UI/UX Designer


30 Days. Ongoing iterations


Adobe XD, Excel, Paper & Pencil

The Problem

Ability to use scooters for delivery runs, to lower cost of fuel and maintenance, and maximize profit.

The Goal

Our goal on this project was to create a visually appealing, but mostly functional resource for delivery drivers to use to not only book jobs, but allow them to use scooters for those jobs.

User Journeys & Flows

In addition to the personas, I created user journeys

Methodology: Conduct surveys of prospective users on Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon.
Seeking roughly 1- users per survey session.
Participants: Users aged 25-45 who work as delivery drivers for various food delivery platforms.
Assumptions: Will have mild difficulties finding drivers, as they are always on the go and in vehicles. May need to perch outside popular restaurants that use platforms for delivery.

Site Map

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I started sketching Lo-Fi wireframes with pen and paper. I moved on to Adobe XD for my Hi-Fi wireframes. Continuous iterations were made to improve the app’s functionality and UX


As a first step in the iteration phase, I used Adobe XD to create a clickable prototype.

Final Reflections

The initial iteration of this app and responsive website are good. I learned that more market research needs to be done in order to make this project a full success.

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