Full-stack Designer

I draw shapes and put them together with words
to make visually appealing things.

Ways I can help you

Some things clients ask me

Do you charge per hour or per project?

I usually charge per project. I prefer set a price and then focus on creating value instead of counting hours.

What type of contract do you normally do with agencies or clients?

I work on retention contracts, per project contracts, and several other types. Let’s talk and see what works best both of us.

Will we have daily or weekly calls?

It’s entirely up to you! Some clients prefer to have daily calls, some prefer weekly. The important part is that you feel comfortable with the way we work together.

We're in a different timezone. How does that work?

I am happy to work around your time zone if the need arises. I have clients in multiple parts of the country.

Now that you know some things...

Let’s have a conversation.