From Nathlete to…

I often have these great goals and crazy ideas in my head that I truly believe I can achieve. I seem to fall into this dream world that really is achievable, but I’ve just never worked hard enough to stay in that zone in reality. I always wake up the next day to find that life hit me with a two ton pillow, and I’m back to the same cycle as always.

I was sitting on the couch last night loafing about, when I had many thoughts about many things….apparently I went to bed motivated!

I woke up this morning and baked a couple of braided cream cheese danish, made coffee, and punched into work. When my lunch break came, I hauled off on the single speed and found myself on a decent paced ride. By the time I returned to work, I had ridden 11 miles. I was late getting back, but felt oddly good in what I had just done.

This post is scattered, not well written, and weird…but much like my athletic abilities, my writing will also get better. Had this been a tech manual, ya’ll would’ve been schooled!