I’ve finally done it…after 42 years!

Over the last week or so I have been doing my best to calendar out my day so I can actually get something done and be a bit more productive than I have been the last 42 years. As with nearly everything else in my life, I experienced a few great days in a row that were planned out quite well. I stuck with them and achieved a small amount towards getting something done. But then there were days in between that I didn’t even look at my calendar, email, phone, etc.

And then there was today! Today I actually started doing what I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS and stuck to it. I started my day by listing out what was going to happen. As you can see below, it’s not a huge list by any means, but it will be the concrete foundation for my new future.  "baby steps Bob"I know it doesn’t seem like much but in the past, I have always put off doing things out of fear, laziness, lack of resource, or most any other excuse I could think of. Sure, I’ve done some good things over the years. I’ve managed to somehow be employed in some way or another. I’ve stayed alive…some other stuff. But I’ve never truly been satisfied with my state in life. I definitely haven’t felt good about my achievements or relationships with people. So now I have started the ‘new beginning’ for the last time. And this time it is going to be good. I am sticking to every goal I set and completing every list or task that is created…starting with clearing my near useless email bucket and shaping it into something that will benefit me and more importantly, others.



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